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Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1897-1898

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Coptic Studies.


able.23 Indeed, the remains of the Byzantine officials and their wives
exhibit the costumes of the period—M. Gayet does not venture to define
the century—with a completeness hitherto unknown. The dress of
both men and women shows, in most instances, a complete emancipation
from the classic Roman fashions, that of the women especially being
already wholly Asiatic. Leather boots and gaiters are common among
the men, worked or embroidered leather shoes with the women. Dresses
of silk, linen, or wool are embroidered or brocaded with admirable taste
and skill in coloured designs in which M. Gayet sees the influences
of Persia, India, even China, as well as of Greece and Rome. The
state of preservation of the needlework is astonishing, and will allow of
the very various technical processes employed being minutely studied.
Comparisons with the ■ Achnnm ' work already made known by Forrer
and others should lead to important results.

Prof. Sayce possesses a stele from " Maharraga opposite Serra, a little
to the N. of Wady Haifa" (so not Hierasykaminos?) the text of which
is interesting for several reasons.20 First, it is dated a.d. 862, and so
has epigraphic importance. Secondly, the offices held by Thomas, the
person it commemorates, are remarkable. He was successively monk
and archimandrite of the 'famous' monastery of Maurago (cf. El
Moharrakah), then bishop of Lampropolis, a name which is presumably
a synonym for Pachoras, the next word. This appears to justify
Revillout's reading of C.I.G. 9121 (from the same neighbourhood), in
which a bishop of Pachoras is mentioned (v. Rev. egypt. iv. 20).

W. B. Ceom.


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