Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1898-1899

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Archaeological Survey.


As a result, then, of the season's work, we have obtained very careful
copies of the hieroglyphs which are employed in the inscriptions, and
which, considering the excellence of the work, may be safely taken to be
models of the forms which were in use in the days of the Ancient Kingdom ;
thus affording foundation for a much-needed extension of epigraphical
studies. We possess also outline facsimiles, drawn with due regard to the
scrupulous accuracy which science demands, of the sculptures of a hitherto
unrecorded tomb of the classical period, and a much more complete and
exact survey of the mastaba itself. In the leisurely and affluent days
which are still to come for Egyptology, it is to be hoped that an edition
de luxe worthy of the charming chapel of Ptah-hetep will reveal its full
beauties to the world. My work dealt only with detached hieroglyphs in
this chamber, but meanwhile some photographs which I have taken may
be a helpful supplement to the useful publications of it which already

A short time was also spent on a visit to Upper Egypt in prepara-
tion for the work of the next season ; but in consequence of the unexpected
discovery of Akhet-hetep's chamber, the whole of this year's programme
could not be carried out. It is hoped that some part of the results of the
labours of the past winter will appear this autumn in a Memoir of the
Survey, and that the rest will follow within less than a year from this

The Superintendent of the Archaeological Survey has the pleasure of stating that
arrangements are nearly completed for publishing four memoirs in the course of the
next eighteen months, and so bringing up to date the publications of this branch of
the Society.

N. de Gaels Davies.

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