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Progress of Egyptology.

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[The following contribution was unfortunately received too late for
insertion in its proper place, and meanwhile another summary of the
Section had been prepared and printed (see above, pp. 33-35). It has
been decided to print the whole of Professor Muffler's report at the risk of
some repetition, any word pronounced on this important subject by so
distinguished a specialist having its value. Another year we may look
for a fuller statement from the same quarter.—Ed.]

The most important document in this line which has been published for
years, is the great papyrus Golenischefe,* now published completely in a
hieroglyphic transcription and with a good translation, by the owner,
Bee. de Trav. xxi. 74. The papyrus records the travels by sea of an
Egyptian sent by the high-priest Heri-hor, who is shown to have been
contemporary with the founder of Dynasty XXL, Smendes. Priceless
information is given concerning the countries touched, viz. the Philistine
coast, Tyre, Byblus, Cyprus (Alasa).

Daressy, Bee. de Trav. xxi. 30, comments upon the many names of
Syrian, chiefly Palestinian, towns, from Medinet-Habu list (published by
* See Arch. Rept., 1897-8, p. 23.