Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1898-1899

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Progress op Egyptology.

M. Chantre.

Mr. Davies, to copy (see p. 5).

students by refusing all permits to dealers. It is hoped that Farag's
exploits at Bersheh will be the last of these extraordinary concessions to
vandalism. The list of sites on which work has been done, or for which
at least application was made, with the names of the excavators, is as
follows :—

Dendereh to Hu . . . Prof. Petrie (see p. 1).

Kum el Ahmar . . . Mr. F. W. Green (see p. 22).

Sheikh Abadeh) ,,. n . . ., „•..,. ...

_ , A [. . . M. G-ayet (on tne site oi Antmoe).

Eshmunen )

Abu Sir (the sanctuary of Ea) Dr. Schafer (see p. 25).
Drah Abu'l Neggah . . Lord Northampton (see p. 24).
Alexaudria .... Prof. Noack.
Bigeh ^
El Khozam )
Miuieh to Siut )
Tomb of Ptahhetep )
S.W. of Faiyum . . Mr. Grenfell and Mr. Hunt (see p. 8).
Mer (cemetery) . . . M. E. Chassinat.
Almas .... Prof. Wilcken, for papyri (see p. 51).
Kum Ga'f .... Mr. Hogarth (see p. 25).
Ekhmim a

Dronkak I M. Gayet,

Damietta )

Siwak . . . . Graf von Griinau.

Nubia .... Mr. Somers Clarke, for smaller clearances.
Heliopolis . . . . M. Benedite.
El Lalmn .... Dr. Borchardt.

"M. Loret, the Director of Antiquities, has conducted very fruitful
excavations at Sakkareh and in the Biban el Moluk. At Sakkareh he has
departed from the practice followed by some of his predecessors of making
scattered " sondages," and has systematically cleared and planned a whole
"street" of mastabas, making several discoveries of importance, including
that of a mastaba with a small pyramid attached.

"At Thebes he has discovered the tomb of Thothmes I. and the undisturbed
burial of a certain Ma-her-pra, probably one of the companions of Thothmes
III. in his childhood. The objects found in this tomb have nowbeen brouoht
to the Museum. There are three coffins, the outer one of wood covered with
pitch, with titles, &c, in gold foil; the second is inside this, but the third
and smallest was found separate ; it is too large to go inside the second
one. The most striking objects in the funeral furniture are two quivers of
loading ...