Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1898-1899

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Pkogress or Egyptology.

some with dedications to Heracles, Poseidon, Demeter, land Artemis. All
the old Greek temples seem to have been in the town itself, and it
appears unlikely that the great enclosure on i the southern outskirts
was the Hellenium of Herodotus: dedications to the "gods of the
Greeks" found in the northern part of the town point rather to its
situation having been there.

Oasis of Siwah.—In a book entitled From Sphinx to Oracle, and
illustrated with photographs, Mr. Silva White has published an account of
his journey to this oasis. (See Arch. Report, 1897-8, p. 19.)

Mr. G. W. Frazer states in P. S. B. A. xxi. 143, that he has copies of
all the scenes and inscriptions in the scattered tombs (outside the main
groups) of Lower Middle Egypt.

Memoirs on Excavations.

Quibell, El Kab, publishes the results obtained by him when working
at El Kab in 1896-7 for the Egyptian Eesearch Account, Mr. Somers
Clarke and Mr. J. J. Tyl'or largely contributing to the funds available for
the excavation. The book is fully illustrated with plans of the tombs and
drawings and photographs of the objects found—the interments belonged
especially to the prehistoric period and to the first four dynasties, also to
about the Xllth Dynasty. There likewise are plans of a gateway in the
great enclosure-wall and of the temple of Thothmes III. without the walls ;
in the latter foundation deposits were discovered. Thisjpublication is a
solid contribution to Egyptian archaeology. The same author's Bamesseum
(with Tomb of Ptahhetep), a previous volume of the series, has been
reviewed by W. Max Muller in Or. Litt. Zeit. i. 350.

Loeet's report on his great discovery of the tombs of Thothmes III.
and Amenhetep II. (see Arch. Report, 1897-8, pp. 16-18) has been printed
in the Bulletin cle TInstitut Egyptien, 1899, with map, two plans, and ten

Miss M. Benson and Miss J. Gourlay, The Temple of lint inAsher, give
an account of their excavations at Thebes during 1 895-7 in the great temple
of Mut, south of that of Amen at Karnak, with plans, photographs of monu-
ments, and copies by P. E. Newberry of numerous important inscriptions.
Two views are given (pi. xxiv.) of the head of a statue of Mentuemhat,
governor of Thebes at the time of the Assyrian invasion. It is one of the
finest portraits known from Egypt. The volume is a good example of
careful and prompt publication of results by English amateurs with some
assistance from specialists. Dr. Page May's photographs are admirable.
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