Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1898-1899

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The final instalment of the Kahnn Papyri has been published, con-
taining preface, additions, corrections, and indices : Griffith, Hieratic
Papyri from Kahun and Gitrob {principally of the Middle Kingdom),
Part III.

The trustees of the British Museum have published a facsimile of the
Htiind Mathematical Papyrus. This is an issue of the plates prepared
by Dr. Birch thirty years ago, and now first published. Reviewed by
Griffith, Or. Litt. Zeit. ii. 116; cf. a note by Eisenlohr in defence of
his own publication of 1877 (an excellent and convenient edition), P. S. B. A.
xxi. 49.

New facsimiles of and commentary on the songs in the Harris Papyrus,
by Max Mu'ller, Die Liehespoesie der alten JEgypten (see below under

New readings in the Tale of the Doomed Prince (Harris Papyrus),
by H. 0. Lange, Pec. de Trav. xxi. 23.

Three hundred and thirty ostraca classified and copied, with transcriptions
opposite, also fragments of papyri, &c.; the explanations to follow in
another volume: Spiegelberg, Hieratic Ostralca and Papyri found by
J. E. Quibell in the Pamesseum, 1895-6. (Extra volume of Egyptian Re-
search Account, 1898.)

In Pec. de Trav. xxi. 7-1, Golexischeff publishes a complete tran-
scription into hieroglyphs and a translation of his famous papyrus contain-
ing the account of a voyage from Thebes to Phoenicia in the reigns of
Smendes and Herhor of the XXIst Dynasty. This publication is almost
as important philologically as historically, presenting as it does an instruc-
tive example of the late Egyptian language passing into demotic. A
Russian version with photograph of the first of the three pages was pub-
lished in 1897 in the Festschrift fur Baron Posen .- the entry regarding it
in the last Archaeological Report, p. 23, was not quite accurate.

Photograph, transcription and translation of a curious stela with inscrip-
tion of the age of one of the Sheshonqs, recording the judgment of the
god in a dispute concerning the title to a well : Spiegelberg, Pec. de
Trav. xxi. 12. This stela was obtained by Captain Lyons in the Oasis of
Dakhleh and is now in the Ashmolean Museum.


In Pis. vii., viii. of vol. ii. of the Catalogue of Greek Papyri in the
British Museum, F. G. Kexyox publishes a facsimile of a Greek and
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