Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1898-1899

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Maspero, Bee. de Trav. xxi. 136, explains another of the Berber names
of the dogs on the stela of King Antef.

Krall, Beitr. z. Gesch. d. Blemmijer in Denksch. d. K. Alcad. d. Wiss.
in Wien, xlvi., gives, inter alia, a list of Meroitie proper names from the

Writing and Language.

The sixth memoir of the Archaeological Survey of the Egypt Exploration
Fund is devoted to the elements of the writing; 193 coloured examples of
the hieroglyphic signs are shown in the plates. After a general intro-
duction to the subject, about 220 distinct signs are discussed with the
object of ascertaining the connexion of their values with their pictorial
meanings. Griffith, A Collection of Hieroglyphs. The book is reviewed
by Piehl, in Sphinx, iii. 46.

Notes on values of hieroglyphic signs :—

Horus hawk and Set animal on baskets = nebui; Piehl, Sphinx, ii.

Vulture and serpent on baskets = nebti, with interesting examples :
Naville, Aeg. Zeit. xxxvi. 132.

Soldier = mesha and shes : Griffith, P. S. B. A. xx. 299.

The horizon and also the crested ibis = aahh -. Spiegelberg, Bee. de
Trav. xxi. 47.

Coil of cord = (l) shen, (2) shent, 100; (mer shent =" superintendent
of litigation "): id. Aeg. Zeit. xxxvi. 135.

Ceremonial seal = zasut, sezant: id. Aeg. Zeit. xxxvi. 145. (Proof not
yet clear.)

Corrections of Kochemonteix's Edfu: Piehl, Sphinx, ii. 158, 217; iii.
13, 98.

Keview of Eochemonteix's Oeuvres divers : id. ib. ii. 233.
Notes on inscriptions of Aahnies at El Kab : id. ib. iii. 7.
On the demonstrative pronoun in Egyptian : id. ib. ii. 195.
On the meaning of hrat-re : id. ib. iii. 82.
On the name of the lion,—B—: id. ib. iii. 127.

On words in Pyramid texts and in Ebers Papyrus: id. P. S. B. A. xx.

]j.nms = nephew, i.e. son of a sister, quoting remark of M. Naville that
the relationship of a brother's son is never recorded: id. Sphinx, iii.
1, 64.

"Words for " here " and " temple " in late Egyptian and Coptic: Spiegel-
berg, Bee. de Trav. xxi. 46.
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