Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1898-1899

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Peogeess of Egyptology.

biographical rather than purely scientific interest. The first volume of
Chabas' CEuvres diverses has now appeared. To the inner circle of Egyp-
tologists Chabas is a well-known name. He belonged to a period when
few interested themselves in the subject, and though living in a provincial
town without a museum or any encouragement to research, with his business
to attend to, he was, nevertheless, one of the most solid and admirable con-
tributors to the interpretation of hieroglyphic and hieratic texts. A
portrait and a long biographical notice by his brother and by M. Philippe
Vieey precede the collected writings, which are edited by Maspero. Some
of Chabas' important treatises are difficult to obtain, and it is well to have
them collected in so handy a form; even though they are now but seldom
consulted owing to the rapid march of science, and because most of the
original texts which he published have been re-edited elsewhere. A
monument to Chabas is to be erected in one of the squares of his native
town, Chalon-sur-Saone.

The third volume of Maspebo's Etudes de Mythologie et d'Archeologie
Egyptiennes has been published in the same series. All except the preface
are apparently reprints, but that contains an interesting piece of auto-
biography regarding the celebrated Egyptologist's first essay for publication
in 1867. The volume is reviewed by Piehl in Sphinx, iii. 116.

Many of our readers will be pleased to hear that Dr. Spiegelbeeg,
having been for several years "privat docent" at the University of Strass-
burg, is now nominated Professor, and holds the chair rendered vacant by
the death of Professor Dfimichen in 1894.

The lecture with which M. Moeet opened his first course as " maitre des
conferences" at Lyon has been printed under the title Coup d'QSil sur
VEgypte primitive.

F. Ll. Geipfith.
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