Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1898-1899

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Graeco-Roman Egypt.


'The scantiness of this list of publications during the past year must not
be taken as a sign of any slackening of the energies of those who are labour-
ing in this department of learning. Mr. Grenfell and Mr. Hunt undertook
last winter some further excavations in the Faiyum on behalf of the Egypt
Exploration Fund, with results which (as the recent exhibition at Burling-
ton House showed) if not sensational are certainly valuable and interesting.
At the same time Prof. Wilcken and Dr. H. Schiifer were digging at Almas
(the ancient Heracleopolis), and obtained a fine collection of papyri, on
which a report will be published in due time. The second volume of the
Oxyrhynehus papyri, which promises to rival the first in interest and
importance, is well advanced, and will appear this autumn. Mr. J. G.
Smyly, of Trinity College, Dublin, has been engaged in a minute examina-
tion of the Petrie papyri, published and unpublished, the results of which
will be printed very shortly. Even Prof. Wilcken's ostraka-publication,
that much-announced and long-expected work (which will contain the
results of its author's careful study of the economical and administrative
organization of Graeco-Roman Egypt), is now definitely promised for
August of the present year, and should therefore be in the hands of students
before the appearance of this Report, though too late to be noticed in it.
And a few months later the first number of the new Archiv for papyrus-
literature, announced in last year's Report, may be expected, at once a sign
of the increasing interest and importance of the subject, and a means for
facilitating and extending the intelligent study of it.

F. G. Kenyon.


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