Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1901-1902

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Archaeology, Hieroglyphic Studies, Etc. 7

series of large memoirs, the only one yet issued is a bulky volume on work
at Sippar, in Babylonia.

The removal of the collections from Gizeh to the New Museum at
Kasr-el-Nil is now practically complete, and the formal opening of the
latter is to take place on November 15th.

The workers at present engaged on the Cairo Catalogue are only three in
number; Herr von Bissikg has undertaken the jewellery, M. Lacau the
stelae of the New Kingdom, and Mr. Edgar the Greek terra-cottas, etc.
Of volumes in the press, there is the catalogue of stelae of the Middle
Kingdom by Messrs. Laxge and Schaefer, the vessels of fayence by
Bissing, and the coffins of the Middle Kingdom by Lacau.. Daressy's
two volumes of the discoveries of 1898-9 in the Valley of the Tombs of
the Kings, and Crum's Catalogue of the Coptic Monuments, have appeared
since the last Beport.

At Thebes the Department of Antiquities is continuing the work at
Karnak under M. Legrain", who has now completely enclosed the temple ;
many statues have been found near the pylon of Horemheb, also blocks
of Usertesen I., and a statue of a new Usertesen (Legrain's work is noticed
by Max Muller, 0. L. Z. iv. 502). Mr. Quibell remarks that the group
of granite statues near the pylon must have given the place the appearance
of an overcrowded museum. M. Baraize is engaged on an elaborate survey
of the whole site of Thebes for the department. Mr. Carter reports the
clearance of rubbish and strengthening of a wall in the Kamesseum,
1900-1901, in Annates Ju Service, ii. 193.

Many excavations were carried on last year under permits from the
Department of Antiquities : namely by—

Lady William Cecil at Aswan. The excavations were on the west
bank, and resulted in the discovery of a fine tomb of the Vth Dynasty, and
late coffins and papyri.

Mr. Somers Clarke, Professor Sayce, and Mr. F. W. Green excavated
at El Kab, especially with a view to discovering the age of the great
enclosure wall.

Mr. Newberry and Mr. Tytus at Thebes excavated in the palace of
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