Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1901-1902

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Archaeology, Hieroglyphic Studies?, Etc.


Sety II., and a long text of Merenptab. In front of it was still standing a
red granite colossus of Rameses II. usurped by Merenptab, about five
metres (15 or 16 ft.) bigh. This bas been taken to tbe Museum, and is by
far tbe largest statue there. The colossus as it stood, when cleared of the
rubbish, so impressed the people, that many came from a distance to see it.
Some were found to believe that it was " Pharaoh," turned by Moses into
stone, and sick people were brought to it to be cured. One man vowed to
sacrifice a bullock to it if his son was cured, and a woman was going to
make a jclaMyeh or long shirt to fit it. My authority for this information
is Mr. Quibell.

Of robberies and clandestine excavations there have been some serious
cases this year. The worst is the attempted robbery of the tomb of
Amenhotep II. The mummy was actually damaged and one of the boats
was carried off. The native inspector has been dismissed. The Arabs of
the district opposite Asyut, at Arab el Burg, are very troublesome. They
are scarcely better than nomads, and preserve much of their old predatory
character: being stopped from their former trade of salt-smuggling by tbe
stricter supervision of tbe present regime, they are attacking the antiquities.
A very fine seated statue of the Xllth Dynasty in granite was obtained by
them, and the attempts of the authorities to recover it were successfully

Some of the gold objects of Mendes were stolen before HAuiB rescued
tbe find for the Museum.

There is much fine Coptic pottery on sale in Cairo. Tbe present state
of tbe law makes it impossible to stop tbe illicit traffic. Even when a case
of plundering can be brought home to the offender by strenuous exertion
on tbe part of the administration, the lightness of the penalty imposable is
scarcely enough to affect tbe profits of his trade.

Max Muller has an article on the plundering of Egyptian monuments,
0. L. Z. v. 209.

The fifth "remodelled" edition of Baedeker's Egypt (English and
German), edited by Professor Steindorff, has been issued. It is reviewed
by Piehl, Sphinx, vi. 44.

Cafart prints notes on a tour in Egypt, with interesting photographic
illustrations, Annates de la Societe d'Areheoloyie de Bruxelles, Tome xv.

Professor Sayce notices many of the discoveries made last winter,
loading ...