Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1901-1902

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Archaeology, Hieroglyphic Studies, Etc.


brace-ends, and Newberry identifies the flowers of which the wreaths are
composed, Ann. ii. 144.

Loret establishes the date (October, 1817) of Belzoni's discover)7 of the
tomb of Sety I., generally misrepresented in the boohs of reference,
Sphinx, vi. 97.

Abydos. The memoir, Abydos, Part i., 1902, by Petrie, with a chapter
on the inscriptions by "Weigall, contains inter alia figures of the jars from
the tomb of " King Ka," the series of flints from the Ptoyal Tombs, and
inscriptions of all periods down to the XXVIth Dynasty.

Caulfield, The Temple of the Kings at Abydos (see below, p. 16).

Amelineau replies to Loret's review of his memoir le tomleau d'Osiris,
Sphinx, v. 234, and Loret follows with a " dernier mot," ib. 247.

El Bersheh. Middle Kingdom tomhs with inscribed sarcophagi, etc.:
Ahmed Bey Kamal, Ann. ii. 206.

Antinoe. Account of the work of M. Gayet, Bev. Arch, xxxix. 77,
cf. 123.

Hawaret el G-urob. A fine group of objects from an XVIIIth Dynasty
tomb excavated for Daninos Pasha : Quibell, Ann. ii. 141.

El Lahun. Two crocodile graves: Gorostarzu, Ann. ii. 182.

Medinet el Gorab : objects from an untouched tomb of the XVIIIth
Dynasty, including several very beautiful wooden statuettes and a remark-
able box for ointment of Syrian style. The tomb was discovered by
natives, who divided the find amongst themselves and endeavoured to sell
the antiquities piecemeal. M. Chassinat had much difficulty in tracking
the dispersed objects: Chassinat, Bull. i. 225.

Memphis. Barsanti reports on work about the pyramid of Unas and
publishes the tomb of Peteneit, Annates du Service, ii. 97; also on the
general results of these excavations, with plan, and the results of the work in
1900-1901 : on the discovery of the temple on the east side with monolithic
columns having palm capitals, and a great inscribed architrave. On the
west side there is still much clearing to be done : every effort is being
made to render the great mastabas and later tombs discovered in the course
of the excavations accessible to visitors, Ann. ii. 244.

Maspero and Barsanti's Bapport sur les fouilles executes par le service
des Antiquites dc Novemhre 1899 a Juin 1900, reviewed by Piehl,
Sphinx, vi. 41.

Abtjsir. Borchardt has written an interesting report on the excavation
of the pyramid-temple of Ne-user-Ba at Abusir, which occupied him and
his assistants Herr Yolz and Herr Decker for three months, from January
to March of this year. The work was carefully organized and the
loading ...