Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1901-1902

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Peogeess of Egyptology.

parcourant la region pour y rechercher des traces du passage des Francs et
y relever ee qui reste des anciens monuments arabes contemporains de
cette epoque. Un rapport, dans lequel il expose sommairement les resultats
obtenus par lui pendant sa precedents mission a Damiette, vient d'etre
imprime dans notre Bulletin (t. n, lr fasc). II prepare en ce moment un
Dictionnaire geographique de VEgypte, cVapres Ydkout et les geograplies

"L'Institut a publie deux nouveaux fascicules de ses Memoires :

J.-E. Gautier et G-. Jequier, Memoire sur les fouilles de Licht (t. vr,
fasc. 1) ;

Gr. Salmon, Etudes sur la topographie du Caire. La Kala'at al-Kabcli
et la Birhat al-Fil (t. vii, fasc. 1).
ainsi que le lr fascicule du tome ii de son Bulletin (le second fascicule,
actuellement sous presse, paraitra en decembre)."

For the following section we are indebted to Prof. Flinders Petrie :—

The Egyptian Eeseaech Account.

" As two new workers were occupied this year, it was needful to be in
touch with an established centre, and therefore to select ground at Abydos.
As the Exploration Fund work there was essentially engaged with the early
remains, the further study of the well-known temple of Sety was a good
unoccupied field for research. Mr. A. St. Gr. Caulfeild undertook the
more complete survey of that temple, and the excavations of the sur-
rounding land, while Mr. L. Cheistie made full-sized drawings of the
most important of the sculptures, especially in view of archaeological
detail. The whole result is published already in The Temple of the Kings,
with twenty-six plates (five double and five photographs). (Quaritch.)

" Mariette's publication of this temple is almost unattainably rare, and,
strange to say, deals with hardly anything but the seven chapels, and some
selected inscriptions and scenes, none of which are in the least fac-similes,
but only common hand copies. It would be very desirable to publish the
whole temple in fac-simile; but it could not be done on a sufficiently large
scale throughout to show the important details, and hence the present
fac-similes will not be superseded by an entire publication.

" The principal results from the excavations were the discovery of the
temenos wall, and of an enormous tomb in the temenos. The temenos
loading ...