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Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1901-1902

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Archaeology, Hieroglyphic Studies, Etc.


Now that Berlin lias set the example, perhaps other collections may follow
suit, opening up this interesting field effectually to all Egyptologists.

Spiegelberg has published the demotic papyri of the Strassburg
Library (Die demotischen Papyrus der Strassburger Bihliothek), in seven-
teen very large photographic plates. These contain fac-similes of over
thirty papyri, chiefly collected by Professor Spiegelberg himself, and often
of exceptional interest, though all are of moderate size. They range
between the last quarter of the sixth century b.c., and the middle of the
second century A.d. All the best are .legal documents. One dates in all
probability from the brief reign of Psammetichus III., two are of Darius I.,
another of the very rare date of Alexander the Great. Two Ptolemaic
papyri have valuable Greek dockets- There is also an example of the rare
Roman bi-lingual sales, in poor condition as always. The commentary is
brief, but very useful, comparing the parallel Greek texts, and it contains
little that can be adversely criticized, a rare condition in this rapidly
advancing study. Pieviewed by Wilcken in a valuable notice, from the
point of view of a Greek papyrologist, Archivf. Pap. ii. 142.

Hess has published Der Demobische Teil der Dreisprachigen Inschrift
von Rosette, in which he gives the demotic text of the Eosetta Stone, with
interlinear Greek text, transliteration and German translation, followed by
notes and a glossary, the whole being beautifully autographed. Students
will welcome Hess's return to the demotic field, and earnestly hope that he
will draw much more from the great collections of material which he
amassed in years past.

Griffith has edited a sale of land dated in the reign of Philopator,
already utilized by Revillout, having a Greek docket of importance as a
guide to the meaning, P. S. B. A. xxiii. 294.

Spiegelbeeg's collection of demotic and' Greek names (Aegyptisehe
und Griechisehe Eigennamen aus Mum !e net iquetfeu drr Romischer
Kaiserzeit) is reviewed by Wilckex in Archie, ii. 177 ; Maspero, Rev.
Grit.. Sept. 16th, 1901; Max Muller, 0. L. Z. v. 239 ; and Krall,
Li/erarisches Ceniralblatt, 1901, no. 42.

Spiegelberg publishes a demotic list ot planets and zodiacal figures on
an ostracon, 0. L. Z. v. 6 (compare Max Muller's readings, ib. 135), and
another astronomical text, ib. 223.


Maspero's Histoire Aneienne des Peuples de VOrient Classique is
reviewed by von Bissing, Sphinx, v. 158.
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