Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1901-1902

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Progress of Egyptology.

Thebanische.ii Necropolis (1898) is reviewed by Sethe in Oottingischen
gelehrten Anzeiyen, 1902, No. 1.

Daeessy gives variants of the name of Maherpra, an officer of
Hatshepsut, whose tomb is in the Biban el Moluk, Bee. xxiii. 133.

Beeasted enumerates the obelisks of Thothmes III. mentioned in
inscriptions, and identifies them as far as possible with those now existing.
He finds that Thothmes III. filled his year very completely in the winter,
from the beginning of October to at least the end of February, superintend-
ing public works in Egypt, after which he prepared for his summer
campaign in Syria, A. Z. xxxix. 55.

Newberry publishes inscriptions on the statue of a fan-bearer of
Amenhotep III., bricks from Akhenaten's record-chamber, ring-stand of
Sebekhotep III., statuette naming Mentuhotep III., pedestal of Queen
Neferu, dagger-handle and plaque of the high-priest Bakenchons, of a
wazir under Sekhemkara and of a wazir Seny of the XVIIIth Dynasty,
P. 8. B. A. xxiii. 218; also inscriptions on statuettes of Beni (of El Kab)
and of Minnekht (temp. Thothmes III.), and descriptions of a number of
small objects belonging to royal or semi-royal personages, wazirs, etc.,
some of which are figured. P. 8. B. A. xxiv. 244.

Wiedemann contributes notes on the monuments of personages,
Ptah-mes, Peteamenapt and Minmes, of which inscriptions were published
last year by Weigall, P. S. B. A. xxiii. 248, and Weigall describes a disk
naming Mentuhotep of the XXVth Dynasty, ib. 259.

Steindoree publishes a corrected text of the scarab describing
Amenhotep III.'s making of a lake for the Queen Ty. The locality is
no longer to be read as Tanis, but Zarukha, probably the name of some
part of Thebes, A. Z. xxxix. 62. Breasted illustrates the names upon it
from other sources, ib. 65.

Baillet writes on the functionaries and their titles in the time of
Akhenaten, and shows that they are in general the same as under other
kings of that age, Bee. xxiii. 140.

Spiegelberg has a note on the prices of goods, in metal, in the New
Kingdom, Sphinx, v. 191.

Chassinat gives the inscription on a statue of an interpreter (or
ambassador?) in Canaan and Philistia, not earlier than the XXIInd
Dynasty, Bull. i. 98.

Winckler has an interesting remark on the genealogy of the Ethiopian
kings of Egypt, 0. L. Z. iv. 449.

Daressy publishes an arehaistie arrangement of the titles of
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