Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1901-1902

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Progress of Egyptology.

Moller publishes a representation on a rather late coffin of a heb-sed
ceremony for Osiris; the figures seem to have been modelled on a repre-
sentation as old as the New Kingdom ; and the question is raised whether
the feast was not specially connected with Osiris worship in very early
times, A. Z. xxxix. 71. Breasted prints a title indicating that the
hall of the royal heb-sed festival was within the king's palace, ib. 85 ;
but Piehl disputes this interpretation of the title, Sphinx, vi. 56.

St. Clair writes on " Pasht and the Sed-festival," P. 8. B. A.
xxiii. 225.

Fotjcart writes on the heb-sed monuments of Hieraconpolis, Sphinx, v.

Schafee remarks on the employment of scarabs with a crocodile and a
hand to keep off ghosts of the dead, A. Z. xxxix. 87.

Max Muller reviews Erman's Zauberspruche fur Mutter -and Kind,
0. L. Z. v. 345.

Breasted quotes a striking example of the custom of gifts being made
by the king to the dead, A. Z. xxxix; 85.

Naville is completing the translation of the Book of the Dead, left
unfinished by Sir P. le Page Eenouf. This supplement commences with
Chapter CXL. and now reaches to Chapter CXLVI. For the sake of
uniformity it follows closely the lines laid down by Renouf, even in
regard to the translation of words of doubtful meaning, P. S. B. A. xxiv.
135, 195.

Budge has issued a revised translation of the Book of the Dead, with
introductory chapters, forming vols. VI.-VIII. of the series Boohs on
Egypt and Chaldma.

See also the religious and philosophical text from the British Museum,
published by Breasted (above, p. 21).


Wiedemann has written an interesting pamphlet on the popular
literature of the ancient Egyptian (Die unterhaltungs-litteraiur der alien
Aegypter), of which an English translation is about to appear in the
Ancient East series.

Spiegelberg translates the fragments of the story of Astarte in the
Amherst collection, P. S.B.A. xxiv. 41.

Baillet writes on Bescentes aux enfers classiques et Egyptiennes,
a propos of the new story of Setne or Sethon, Bevue Universitaire, 1902.
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