Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1901-1902

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Pbogbess of Egyptology.

Mathematics.—Hultsch discusses the fractional calculations published
by Eevillout from one of the demotic Tanis papyri found by Petrie. The
papyrus is of lioman date, and the treatment of the fractions shows a stage
between that in the Ehind Papyrus of the Middle Kingdom and that of
the Papyrus of Aklrmim of the seventh or eighth century. Bibliotheca
Mathematica, III. series, ii. 177.


Eevillout. Precis du Droit Egypt-ten compare aux autres droits de
V antiquites, begun in 1899, has now reached the sixth fascicule, a bulky
number, completing the etat des liens and commencing the Hat des

See also the very important inscription of the XlXth Dynasty published
by Loeet and translated by Mobet (above, p. 20), and the demotic legal
documents of the Berlin and Strassburg collection published by
Spiegelbeeg and one by Geiffith (above, pp. 22-3).

Peehistobic Aechaeology.

C. S. Myees writes on the craniology of the early dynastic period,
Man, 1902, 66; and on the bones of Hen-Nekht found by Garstang,
ib. 1901, 152.

Peteie distinguishes seven racial types of man in the early Egyptian
sculptures, Journal Anthrop. Institute, xxxi. 248.

Eoeeee has written a pamphlet, with four photographic plates of
prehistoric remains discovered at Ekkmim, Ueber steinzeit-Hockergrdber
zu Achmim, etc.

Gaestang figures and describes a prehistoric kiln for pottery found at
Mahasna, Man, 1902, 38.

Peteie figures specimens of prehistoric pottery, having interesting
drawings in white lines upon them, Man, 1902,113. In Abydos I. (p. 22)
he places Menes about s.d. (sequence date) 79.

Newbeeey publishes a prehistoric figure of an elephant, incised on a
vase, and two slate " palettes," well shaped in the form of birds, from the
collection of Lord Amherst of Hackney, P. S. B. A. xxiv. 251.

Max Mullee publishes an ivory cylinder in an American collection,
O. L. Z. v. 90 ; compare Dennis, ib. p. 210.

Antiquities and Aechaeology.
Capaet, Becueil de Monuments Egyptiens contains admirable photo-
graphs, taken by the author, of monuments of special interest in European
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