Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1901-1902

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Gbaeco-Romah Egypt.


Kalbfleisch, of Rostock, who likewise serves the cause of palaeography by
accompanying his texts with complete photographic fac-similes.u One of
them is from a papyrus in the British Museum, consisting of three fairly
complete columns in a small hand of the late first or second century, and
dealing with methods of treatment of a dislocated jaw. Prof. Kalbueisch
has skilfully restored the mutilated text and added short explanations.
The other text, from a small fragment at Berlin, deals with artificial aids
to the act of purgation. The writing is a small, neat uncial, which cannot
be later than the first century. Yet another medical fragment is
published by Prof. Nicole, from the Geneva Papyri, being a sort of
catechism, containing definitions of surgical terms.13

Two re-publications of literary texts from papyri also deserve notice.
Mr. J. G. Smyly13 has re-edited with characteristic care the interesting
fragment of a Greek romance, descriptive of a storm at sea, which was
originally published by Prof. Mahaffy (cf. Arch. Report, 1896-7) ; and
Prof. V. Jemstedt14 has published (in Russian) a new and considerably
extended text of the fragment of a library catalogue, which originally
appeared in the Rheinisches Museum for 1866. Among the books men-
tioned in it is Aristotle's 'ABrjvcUmv HoXtreia, also his UoXireia
Neo7ro[Xi7w^], and various other works, mostly philosophical.

Turning to papyri of a non-literary character, it is an unusual experience
to have no volume from Messrs. Grenfell and Hunt to mention. This is
not due to any want of material, but, on the contrary, to an excess of it.
There are enough Oxyrhynchus Papyri still untouched to furnish several
volumes ; but for the present these are put aside in order to deal with the
papyri found at Tebtunis in 1900. There are enough of these, too, to fill
several volumes; and a large first volume, containing a number of
documents of considerable length of the Ptolemaic period, will probably
have appeared before this Report, though too late for notice in it. This
volume will be issued alike for the University of California, which provided
the funds for the excavation, and for the Graeco-Roman branch of the
Egypt Exploration Fund, the subscribers to which receive it in return for
two years' subscription (1900-1 and 1901-2). Subsequently the publi-
cation of the papyri belonging to the Fund will be resumed.

Under these circumstances, almost all that there is to mention in the
way of publication of non-literary texts during the period under review is
the two new parts of the Berlin Griechisclie Urkunden.15 These, which
bring the third volume near its completion, contain sixty-seven documents,
making the total hitherto published amount to 968. The first part is edited
by Dr. Schubart, and perhaps the most notable text in it is that (No. 913)
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