Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1902-1903

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Archaeology, Hieroglyphic Studies, Etc.


Sept., 1902. Completion of repairs to ceiling slabs of temple of
Edfa. (See Annates, 1904.)

Nov., 1902. Commencement of excavations and opening out the out-
buildings and temple granaries of the Eamesseum.

Nov., 1902. Continuation of excavations for Mr. T. M. Davis at the
Tombs of the Kings, resulting, in the spring, in the discovery of the tombs
of Thothmes IV. and Hat-shepsut (the latter still to be cleared). A
special publication of the tomb of Thothmes IV. in preparation by
Maspeeo, Newbebry, and Carter.

Jan., 1903. Excavations, Sheikh Abd-el-Qurneh, by Mr. Newberry and
Mr. Moxd. Eesults : discovery of tomb of Menna, and preservation and
clearance of tombs Gen-Amen and Sennefer; many small antiquities

Jan., 1903. Excavations at the tombs of the Queens by Schiaparelli.
Eesults : tombs of the Princes Kha-em-nas and Anien-her-khopsh-ef, of the
family of Eameses III.

Jan., 1903. Continuation of excavations, Amenhotep III. palace, by
Messrs. Newberry and Tytus.

1902 to spring, 1903. Continuation of reconstructing and excavating
temples, Karnak, by M. Legraix.

1902. Underpinning of temples at Philae and restoring necessary parts
of superficial structure by the Public Works Department and the Service
des Antiquites.

May, 1903. Commencement of pulling down for reconstructing the
leaning -west enclosure wall of the temple of Edfu by the Service des

For Middle and Lower Egypt Mr. J. E. Quibell sends notes of the

At Gizeh Mr. Covington, aided by Mr. Quibell, worked a concession
in the high ground south of the Sphinx and the southern causeway, exca-
vating a large brick mastaba with niches along the outer wall, as in the
tomb of Menes at Nagadeh : the interior arrangements, however, proved to
be quite different. It is a solid mastaba with walls, portcullis stone,
and burial chambers. Fragments of stone vessels were found, but no

M. Chassinat excavated an untouched tomb of the Xllth Dynasty at
Asyut; it contained a particularly fine series of objects, resembling those
from Beni Hasan, and further three fine wooden statues and two slate

M. Lefebvre, working at Tehneh, discovered a group of remarkable
loading ...