Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1902-1903

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Progress of Egyptology.

Deir el Bahari. The sculptures of the southern speos or shrine of
Hathor, and of the southern hall of offerings. Nayille, Deir el Bahari iv. :
reviewed, Maspero, Rev. Grit., Aout, 1902, 121.

Karnak. Blocks of Hatshepsut and Thothrnes III. found in a later
construction of Barneses III. at the north-east corner of the pylon of
Amenhotep III. Legrain and Nayille, Ann. du Muse'e Guimet, xxx. 1;
reviewed by Maspero, Rev. Grit., Aout, 1902, 141.

" Poem of Pentaur," end of the edition by J. de Bouge, Rev. Egypt.
x. 48.

Temple of the Menrphite Ptah, published by Legrain, Ann. iii. 38, 97.
Chapel of Osiris, "Lord of Life," published by Legrain, Rec. de Trav.,
xxiv. 208.

Qus. Ptolemaic pylon with long inscriptions. Eamal, Ann. iii. 215.

Abydos. Block from Temple ( = Petrie, Abijdos, ii. 34), vase inscription
and stela. Daressy, Rec. de Trav. xxiv. 163-5.

Deir el G-ebrayyi. Tomb of Zau and tombs of the northern group.
Davies, Deir el Gebrawi, ii. The first part reviewed by Erman, Deutsche
Litteraturzeitung, Dec, 1902, 3256 ; Max Muller, O.L.Z., 1903, 134.

Ahxas. Stela of Acoris of the XXIXth Dynasty. Kamal, Ann. iii. 243.

Atfih. Ptolemaic temple, with long inscriptions. Daressy, Ann.
iii. 160.

Dahshur. Pyramidion of Amenemhat III. Maspero Ann. iii. 206.
Text naming Usertesen III. as a divinity. Daressy, Rec. de Trav.
xxiv. 163.

Memphis. Cistern (?) built of blocks of Nekhthorheb. Daressy, Ann.
ii. 240.

G-izeh. Inscriptions of a Ptolemaic mummy-case. Daressy, Ann. iii.
158; and of a Ptolemaic stela naming Tanite divinities, id. Rec. de Trav.,
xxiv. 166.

Btjlaq. Block with name of Amasis II. Kamal, Ann. iii. 92.

Xois. Ptolemaic blocks with foreign geographical names. Daressy,
Rec. de Trav. xxiv. 160.

Bubastis. Lintel. Daressy, Rec. de True. xxiv. 164.

Tukh el Karmus. Stela. Daressy, Rec. de Trav. xxiv. 167.

Pithom. Naville republishes the great stela of Philadelphia from
a revised copy, with translation. A. Z. xl. 60.
(2) From Museums :—

Cairo. Parts 1 and 4 of the Catalogue of stelae of the Middle Kingdom,
an elaborate work containing an immense amount of interesting material,
well published and indexed. The texts of 780 stelae are given, with photo-
loading ...