Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1902-1903

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Archaeology, Hieroglyphic Studies, Etc.


graphs and outline plates of details. Photographs of all are obtainable
from the scientific attache of the German Consulate-General at Cairo.
Lange and Schafer, Grab unci DenJcsteine.

Magical stelae of Horus on crocodiles, hypocephali, etc., the Catalogue,
with photographs. Daressy, Textes et Dessins magiques.

Statue and stelae given to the museum by Prof. Sayce. Quibell,
Ann. iii. 240.

Fragment of statue of Sety II. from Atfih. Naguib, Ann. iii. 213.

Magical texts on papyri found with mummy of priest from Deir el
Bahari (XXth Dynasty). Daressy, Ann. iii. 155.

Palermo. The Palermo stone, republication and translation, inde-
pendent of Schafer's work. Naville, Rev. de Trav. xxv. 64.

Florence. Funerary cones. Pellegrini, Bessarione, ii. Ser., iii. 145.

Karlsruhe, Mulhausen, Strassburg and Stuttgart. Stelae, full
catalogue with photographs. Spiegelberg and Portner, Aegyptische
Grabsteine unci Denhsteine aus siiddeutschen Sammlungen, reviewed by
BlSSlNG, Deutsche Litteraturzeitung, 1902, 2818; Max Muller, 0. L. Z.,
1903, 136.

Berlin. Inscriptions in three tomb-chambers of the Old Kingdom, of
Methen, Merab and Manefer, and inscriptions from the period between the
Old and Middle Kingdoms. Aegyptische Inschriften aus den Koniglichen
Museen zu Berlin, ii. The first part reviewed by Max Muller, 0. L. Z.,
1902, 389.

Louvre. Texts from stelae of the Serapeum continued. Chassinat,
Hec. de Trav., xxv. 50. Stela of endowment of age of Ahmes II.
Bevillout, Rev. Egypt, x. 85.

Brussels. Inscriptions on a statuette from the Temple of TJazmes.
Capart and Spiegelberg, Ann. de la Soc. d! Archeologie de Bruxelles, xvi.

A very important step for Egyptology has been taken by Professor
Steindorff and his collaborateurs, who have undertaken to edit what
promises to be almost a Corpus of Egyptian inscriptions in autograph
copy (Urkuitden des Aegyptischen Alterthums). The preliminary work
for the Worterbuch has necessitated an immense amount of collation of
texts, and now we may expect to see these corrected texts classified and
given to the student in a cheap and compact form. Two parts have just
been issued, containing texts of the Old Kingdom (Urkundeu des Altai
Beichs i., ii.), for which Prof. Sethe is responsible. They appear to
form a complete collection of historical, biographical, and other texts of
interest, however brief they may be, excluding only the religious ones.
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