Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1902-1903

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Progress op Egyptology.

Newberry, list of titles of Sekliemt on the statues in and from the
temple of Mut at Karnak. P. 8. B. A. xxv. 217.

Lacau on the ancient goddess Shesemtet. Bee. de Trav. xxiv. 198.

Daressy, the name of the Osiride figure which contains a papyrus,
inscription on statuette of Isis as a scorpion, inscriptions naming divinities,
etc. Bee. de Trav. xxiv. 160.

Lefebttre, on gods of the rat type. Sphinx vi. 189, vii. 25.

Wiedemann, on the Okapi as the origin of the Set animal, suggesting
that it only became extinct in Egypt throughout historic times, like the
giraffe, elephant, etc. Umschau, 1902, no. 51, p. 1002.

Bissing, note on the worship of obelisks. Bee. de Trav. xxiv. 167.

Loret on the military ensigns of the tribes and their connexion with
the symbols of divinities. Bev. Egypt, x. 94.

Naville, translation of the Book of the Dead, continued, ch. cxlvii.-
ch. cliv. P. 8. B. A. xxiv. 268, 313, xxv. 11, 67, 105, 167, 237.

Casanova on the connexion of Arab astronomical legends with the
Egyptian mythology. Bulletin ii. 1.


In the Leyden collection there is a hieratic papyrus dating from the begin-
ning of the XlXth Dynasty, which was published long ago, but has hitherto
defied all attempts at translation. Dr. Lange, after a careful study of it,
finds it to be a text originally of the Middle Kingdom, corrupted of course
by the latter transmitters and now shattered, but still to a great extent
capable of interpretation. He believes it to consist mainly of warnings
and prophecies. An utterly disorganized condition of the land is described
in detail, in which a man will slay his own mother's son, while afterwards
the qualities of a good ruler are dwelt on. Lange considers this latter
part to be in reality a kind of Messianic prophecy of a saviour who will
restore happiness to the country. According to him a certain Apu is
speaking before the king, warning him of impending troubles and pointing-
out that they have already begun, the king himself being the cause of the
afflictions. A complete edition of this very difficult text is promised.
Sitzungsberiehte d. Berl. Ahad. 1903, 601.

Prof. Krall gives a revised translation of the best preserved parts, cols.
F-N, P-T, V-Y of the historical tale in the Rainer collection, which he first
published in 1897 (Arch. Bep. 1896-7, p. 33). In sorting through the
Rainer Papyri he has found about forty new fragments, all of small size.
The first restoration and translation are confirmed in the main by his further
work. Wiener Z.f. d. kunde d. Morgenl. xvii.
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