Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1903-1904

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Progress of Egyptology.

Barneses II. and the Hittites with their allies, in which the latter nearly
succeeded in trapping the Egyptian king and his whole army by crafty
manoeuvres. The battle of Kadesh is the earliest in history of which the
manoeuvres can be in any degree understood. Breasted throws new light
on the Hittite strategy in this very indecisive conflict, in which Barneses
gained much glory by his exploits in extricating himself from a position of
great danger. The latest writers on the battle had been widely misled in
their descriptions, partly through some copies of the texts omitting im-
portant passages. (Chicago Decennial publications, first series, v. 81,
reviewed by Wiedemann, 0. L. Z. 1904, 12.)

The series of Steindorff's Uvhunden des Aegyptischen Altertums has
been continued, two fascicules having appeared of the second volume, which
is devoted to the inscriptions of the Graeco-Boman period. They contain
the historical and biographical inscriptions dating from Alexander the
Great to Ptolemy Euergetes, and like the previous part are prepared by
the indefatigable Sethe, who here shows his acquaintance with texts of the
late period. The collection will be of great service to students of that
epoch who would otherwise have to hunt for their materials over a very
wide area. Inter alia, we have the thankoffering of a man escaped from a
great defeat of the Asiatics by the Greeks, apparently the battle of Issus;
a number of inscriptions recording the building of temples; the stela of
Buto, in which Sot'er styles himself satrap, though after the death of Aegus;
the stela of Philadelphia and Arsinoe from Mendes; the stela of Pithom
(with many variations from M. Naville's new edition of this exceedingly
corrupt inscription); and a collation of the two hieroglyphic and Greek
texts of the decree of Canopus.

The two earlier parts of this work, containing the inscriptions of the
Old Kingdom as well as the Aegyptische Inschriften aus den Koniglichen
Museen zu Berlin, are reviewed by Max Muller, 0. L. Z. vii. 319, 324.

Spiegelberg has published the stela of King Tefnekht from Athens
and other late stelae with like curses on violators at Oxford, Cairo, and
Strassburg. Bee. de Trav. xxv. 190.

Piehl's extensive work, Inscriptions Hieroglyphiques recueillis en
Europe et en Egypte, completed last year, is reviewed by Max Muller,
0. L. Z. 1904, 277.


A hieratic papyrus at Florence, "the second book of breathings," is
published with photograph by Pellegrini, Bessarione, ser. II vol. v. 31 ,
vi. 49, 147.
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