Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1903-1904

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Archaeology, Hieroglyphic Studies, Etc.


the construction as well as the decoration. Several interesting points,
however, he has confessedly left to be dealt with elsewhere, namely, the
identification of the woods employed in the construction, the palaeography,
and the full publication of the religious texts. The last, however, are
systematically catalogued and are collated with previous publications, the
errors being noted. Unfortunately very few of the coffins can be definitely
dated by the circumstances of the finds. Plates are issued up to No. 57,
and are intended for the second volume; twenty-nine are photographic,
30-54 give the full series of forms of the figured furniture and offerings in
hand copy, 55-57 reproduce very curious mythological designs from coffins
found at El Bersheh, resembling those of the Ziceiwegehuch. (See the last
Report, p. 22.)

Supplementing this work, M. Lacau publishes four full texts from the
coffins, giving the different existing copies on parallel lines, as yet without
translation or commentary. It is to be hoped that this is the commence-
ment of what cannot fail to be a most important work if carried out,
namely, a digest of the Middle Kingdom texts, which would throw much
light on the religious ideas of ancient Egyptians and the composition of
the Booh of the Dead. Bcc. de Trac xxvi. 59.

Kasan. Catalogue of the Egyptian collection belonging to the
University (in Russian), with photographs. TuRAlEFF, in Zapishi of the
Imperial Russian Arch. Inst., Tome xv.

Bologna. Catalogue of the important collection m the Museo Civico.
(Cafnlogo di Antickita Egizie, by Kminek Szedlo). Unfortunately no
plates are given, but the inscriptions are printed in hieroglyphic.

Trient. Stela of the Middle Kingdom, with formulae of unusual type,
some borrowed from the Pyramid Texts. Bissing, A. Z. xl. 118.

Munich. The collection of stelae, carefully published with commentary
and indices, by Dyroff and Portner, forming the second volume of
Spiegelberg's Grahaleine und Denhateine aus suddeutschen Sammlungen.

Toulouse. Catalogue of the Egyptian collection. Palanque, Bee. de
Trav. xxv. 121.

Paris. Fragment of Middle Kingdom stele in the possession of
T. Eeinach. Ricci, Sphinx, vii. 184.

America. Some small antiquities from various collections. Max
Muller, Bee. de Trav. xxvi. 32.

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Texts and scenes of the Battle of Kadesh. Professor Breasted re-edits
these in a very interesting and thorough study of the battle between
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