Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1903-1904

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Egypt Exploration Fund.

is of much interest, arid a complete corpus of them has been arranged.
The whole of this Roman material will appear as a supplementary volume
of twenty-nine photographic plates, which will be of value to the classical
student outside of the circle of those who study Egypt.

Mr. Currelly was engaged in searching the cemetery of Ehnasya, but
found that all the graves had already been plundered. He excavated some
graves of the XVIIIth Dynasty at Grurob, and then went on to Buto in the
Delta marshes. There he dug many pits in the temple area; but on
examining them I found that the whole building had been completely
destroyed in Roman times, and after that the site has sunk, with all the
Delta coast, so that nothing older than Ptolemaic times is out of water.
The finding of pieces of porphyry bowls of the 1st Dynasty on the top of
the Eoman town shows how thoroughly the early temple had been cleared

W. M. Flinders Petrie.


Nothing eventful is to be recorded of the work done during the past
winter, as was to be expected on a site so much visited and so often copied
as the tombs of Tel el Amarna. This group has again exacted a full and
trying season's work, fourteen weeks having been occupied in copying the
scenes and inscriptions in the tombs of Huya, Ahrnes, and Pentu. The
determination to copy exhaustively has been justified by the discovery in
an unpromising spot of important records which have hitherto escaped
notice. Some time also was devoted to the boundary stelae which mark
out the bounds of the enclave of Akhetaten, sacred to the Aten, or Solar
Disc. All the tablets whicli are known to exist on the eastern bank were
visited with a view to publication.

The records of the northern group of tombs have now been completed.



Excavations at Oxyrhynchus.

We began our third season's excavations at Oxyrhynchus on December
4th, 190b, with 110 workmen, by an examination of the group of mounds
loading ...