Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1903-1904

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Archaeology, Hieroglyphic Studies, Etc.



Prof. Krall has issued the second livraison of his Demotische Lesestiiche
containing very fine photographs and hand copies of the demotic texts of
the decree of Canopus (stelae of Tanis and Kom el Hisn) and a hand copy
of the historical tale of the time of King Petubastis, of which only one page
had been given in the previous parts. Students will be most grateful for
these indispensable documents, which had hitherto been very imperfectly
accessible to them.

Spiegelberg publishes a bilingual mummy ticket, the Greek translating
a demotic funerary formula. Bee. de Trav. xxvi. 57.


Three short and readable sketches of Egyptian History have appeared.
The first, from the pen of Baron von Bissing, reviews the whole extent
of it down to the Arab conquest in 150 pages, followed by references to
authorities and index (Geschichte Aegypjtens im Umriss). The second, by
Mr. Newberry and Mr. Garstang, is entitled A Short Hi-dory of Ancient
Egypt, reaching to Alexander the Great. Mr. Newberry has been face to
face with the original monuments for many years in Europe and in Egypt,
and his MS. collections, scraps of which are allowed to see the light from
time to time, are of great value. It is to be hoped that the authors will
supplement their sketch by arguments and references in support of some of
their contentions, which it is difficult at present to estimate. In the third
place, Lady Amherst of Hackney has written A sketch of Egyptian.
History from the ea rliest times to the present day, with good illustrations.

M. Naville has contributed a third article on the earliest Egyptian
monuments, replying to Petrie and Sethe and continuing the discussion,
the result being a novel arrangement of the early kiugs. Itec. de
Trav. xxv. 199.

Review of Sethe's Beitrage zior alteste geschichte Aegyptens, BlSSlNG,
Philol. Wochenschrift 1903, 1455.

Discussion of the early kings' names found at Abydos, with a summary
of the views as to their position held by different writers. Legge
P. 8. B. A. xxvi. 125.

Professor Sayce confirms his reading of the name Sharu, Soris, in the
graffito at El Kab (see last Report, p. 25). P. S. B. A. xxvi. 93.

Legrain describes objects purchased at Luxor : viz. cylinder seal of
Menkaura with his Horus-name, objects belonging to Neferu-Ptah,
daughter of Amenemhat III., and ushabti of Nefertari, the queen of
loading ...