Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1906-1907

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Progress of Egyptology.

autumn, in a part of the Kom which is being removed by the Railways
Administration. It lay not far from the temple and at about the same
level. The date is given by two gold bracelets bearing the cartouche of
Eameses II. and a gold cup with the name of Queen Tausert. The things
which were first found were stolen by the workmen, and we managed to
recover only part of them ; later on a second lot of similar objects was found
close by and was excavated by our own men. The best pieces of the
treasure are to be published in the next facsimile of the Musec Hgypiien.

" At a place called Barnugi, not far from Damanhour, we excavated two
good tombs with remains of paintings and inscriptions on the walls.
Their date has not been exactly determined, but it seems to be between
the Vlth and Xllth Dynasties. Just about the same time a few tombs
were found at Tell Eob (Mendes) quite close to the foundations of the
temple, which, though plundered, bore evidence of belonging to the Vlth
Dynasty. I mention these finds because it is so seldom that such early
remains are met with in the Delta.

" Tombs, said to be of the XVIIIth Dynasty, have lately been found
right beneath the great fortification walls at Tonkh el Qarmus.

" During the winter I tested one or two spots at Sa el-Hagar (Sais), but
did not come upon anything promising."

b. Memoirs and Reports.

Report by Maspero on official work in Egypt, C.R. 1906, 495; and by
Somers Clarke on various finds, Proc. Soc. Ant. xii. 91 (including
Schiaparelli's find of an intact interment of the XVIIIth Dynasty at
Deir el-Medineh early in 1906), 123 (including Prof. Sayce's work).

Xubia. Breasted describes his work on The Temples of Loxoer Nubia in
1905-6 (see the last Arch. Rep., p. 26) in a preliminary report, illustrated
with photographs. {American Journal of Semitic Languages and Litera-
tures, Oct. 1906.)

Wady Halfa. Description of the temple of the XVIIIth Dynasty,
with plan, inscriptions, etc. Scott-Moncrieff, P.S.B.A. xxix. 39.

Elephantine. Report by Clermont Ganneau of his excavations, resulting
in the discovery of two fine statues of Tethmosis III., ram mummies with
inscribed cases, ostraca in the various languages of Egypt, including over
100 Aramaic. The work was financed by the French Academy, by Baron
Ed. de Rothschild, and by the Coptic consular agent of France at Aswan.
C.R. 1907, 201.

Edfu, etc. Report by Barsanti on various repairs, illustrated by photo-
graphs : at Edfu they were directed in part to making permanent Carter's
loading ...