Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1906-1907

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Archaeology, Hieroglyphic Studies, Etc.


temporary repairs after the fall of columns in 1901, and to removing the
pressure of sand against the outer wall. The naos of Kekhtharheb, which
ancient treasure-seekers had removed to a corner of the sanctuary in order
to search beneath it, was put back in its proper position. Other repairs
were done at Ktjm Ombo, and at El Kab under the supervision of Mr.
Somers Clarke. Ann. vii. 97.

Thebes, West Bank. The excavation of the funerary temple of
Tethmosis III. at Gurna, named Henket-ankh, with copies of the inscrip-
tions discovered : the work was done by the Department of Antiquities at
the expense of H.H. Djemil Pasha Todssoun. Weigall, Ann. vii. 121,
with notes by Legrain from various texts referring to the temple, ib. 183.

The first part of the memoir on The Xlth Dynasty Temple at Deir el-
Bahari, by Naville, Hall and Ayrton, describes the very remarkable
temple of Neb-hept-Re Menthotp, with its pyramid and colonnades, and
the XAIIIth Dynasty shrine of Hathor, and tombs of the Xlth Dynasty
and later graves with their contents, found in the course of the excavation
of the temple.

Eeport by Quibell covering the four months in the winter of 1904-5,
during which he was chief inspector in Upper Egypt, marked by the
great discovery of the tomb of Iua and Thua, the parents of Queen Taia,
in Mr. Theod. Davis' excavations. Ann. vii. 8.

The Tomb of Iouiya and Touiyou is one of those sumptuous volumes in
which the chief results of Mr. Theod. Davis' excavations are published.
Mr. Davis himself describes the finding of the tomb; M. Maspero
discusses the personages, showing that there is no proof that the parents
of Queen Taia were Syrian ; and Prof. Newberry describes the objects found,
which are illustrated by photographs and by Mr. Howard Carter's coloured
drawings. The funerary furniture was rich and particularly complete: the
most striking of all the objects found being a complete chariot; there were
also chairs, beds, coffers, etc., carved, inlaid and gilt.

Announcement of the discovery of the tomb of Queen Thyi (Taia) in
Mr. Th. Davis' excavations early in 1907, in the Valley of the Tombs of
the Kings, and brief description by Ayrton. P.S.B.A. xxix. 85 ; cf. O.L.Z.
x. 156.

El Amarna. Borchardt reports this to be a very promising site, and
it will be the principal centre of activity next year for the German
Oriental Society in Egypt. There are settlements of the time of
Akhenaton at the north and south ends of the area on the east bank, as
well as the great city and palace in the centre and the Hawata palace
near the south end. He considers that two-thirds of the ruins remain to
loading ...