Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1906-1907

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Archaeology, Hiekoglyphic Studies, Etc.


BREMEN inscriptions. Max Muller, Bee. cle Trav. xxix. 142.
Nukembueg, Lofftz Collection, id. ib.

Vienna. Collection of the more interesting inscriptions with explana-
tory notes, indices of names and titles and five photographic plates.
Wreszinski, Aegyptischc Insehriften aus clem KK. Hofmuseum zu Wicn,
reviewed by W. Max Mullen, O.L.Z. x. 330.

The statue of Nemart, a volume of large photographs. Dedekind,
Phdtographische Beproduktionen der Insehriften der Namarul-Statue.

St. Petersburg. Transcription of the Story of the Shipwrecked Sailor
the text revised with photographs and edited. ERMAN, A.Z. xliii. 1.

Copenhagen. The stela of Nebnefer. Madsen, Sphinx, xi. 98.

Brussels. Full publication of sculptures of offerings in the funerary
chamber of a late mastaba from Memphis, acquired in 1905. Capaet,
Ghainbre Funeraire de la sixieme dynastie.

London, British Museum. Corrections to the published text of the stela
of Nebuaui. Capart, A.Z. xliii. 162.

Inscriptions in the Petrie Collection. Weigall, Bee. de Trav. xxix. 216.

(c) General:—

The inscribed tablets of ivory and wood found in the royal tombs of
Negada and Abydos, explained as records of royal gifts to religious
foundations on the occasion of festivals. Legge, P.S.B.A. xxviii. 252,
xxix. 18, 70, 101, 150, 243.

Five more parts of the lithographed Urhunden der 18. Dynastie, by Sethe,
in the series of Steindorff's Urkunden des Aegyptischen Alterihums, com-
pleting three volumes in 12 parts. The new parts comprise the historical
and biographical texts of the reign of Tethmosis III. and reach the reign of
Amenhotp II. Apart from the convenient form of the publication as a
whole, and the general excellence of the editing, the copies of the Theban
tomb and temple inscriptions, having been revised and completed on the
spot, are particularly valuable. The Urkunden des Alien Beichs I., II., are
reviewed by Andersson, Sphinx xi. 50, 65.

Without guaranteeing its authenticity Maspero publishes an exception-
ally important inscription of a scarab of Shabako, of which a rubbing was
sent to him from Syria, referring to the chastisement of the Bedawin by
that king. Ann. vii. 142.

The Carnegie Institution has published an interesting volume by
W. Max Muller, entitled Egyptological Researches, results of a journey in
1904. It contains a large collection of material, both scenes and inscrip-
loading ...