Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1909-1910

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Progress of Egvptologv.


Commencement of a study of ch. xvii. of the Livre des Morts. Amelixeau,
Joum. As. lOth ser. tome XV. p. 395.

Arsenuphis taking the place of Osiris in the temples of Lower Nubia,
•with illustrations from the temple of Dendûr. Blackman, P.S.B.A.
xxxii. 33.

Figure of the mythical animal of Set from Lisht proving beyond question
the surmise of Maspero that its "tail" is an arrow, with confirmatory
instances of varions âges. Borchardt, A.Z. xlvi. 90.

Dr. Budge lias edited the Liturgy of funcrary ojferings, the Booh of
opening the Mouih and the text of the Boolc of the Dead for his séries of
Boohs on Egypt and Chaldaca. The works are the subject of reviews by
Foucart. Sphinx, xiv. 42, 53, 70.

Erman lias produced a second édition of his handbook Die Aegyptische
Religion, with newviews and illustrations, revievved by Wiedemanx, O.L.Z.

xiii. 210. An interesting criticism is written by Boeder, Z.D.M.G. lxiv.
457, who, while recognising its great merits, déplores the fact that the
author lias purposely avoided scientific analysis of the facts recorded. On
the pronunciation and orthography of the naine of Osiris (wsr). Erman,
A.Z. xlvi. 92.

Study of the Eitual of the Opening.of the Mouth. Foucart, Sphinx,

xiv. 89. On the représentations of the divine cow appearing from the
necropolis-mountain at Thebes, concluding that a temple is there shown
covering a supposed entrance to the underworld. id. P.S.B.A. xxxii. 102.
Beview of Foucarï's Méthode comparative dans l'Histoire des Religions, by
E. S. H[artland]. Man, 1910, No. 51.

Grapoyv points out the hitherto unnoticed fact that large sections of the
Zweiwegebuch of the Middle-kingdom coffins were incorporated into the
ïodtenbuch of the XVIIIth Dynasty. À.Z. xlvi. 77. On a peculiar
orthography of the name of Atum. id. ib. 140.

Apotheosis by drowning in Egyptian documents. Griffitii, A.Z. xlvi.

Suggestion that a temple figured on the prow of the bark of Ammon in
the temple of Khons at Karnak is that of the primitive sanctuary of
Ammon. jéquier, Bulletin, vii. 87.

Newberry puts forward an interesting and very probable theory that
the cult-emblem of the god Min is a conventional thunderbolt. Liverpool
Annals of Archacology, iii. 50.

Boeder lias contributed to Boscher's Lexikon der Griechischen u.
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