Ars: časopis Ústavu Dejín Umenia Slovenskej Akadémie Vied — 1984

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value of literatuře and is an important part of Visual
culture. The book must be given Mention ias a whole,
taking into account the mutual harmony of ail the
means of expression: architectonic-dimensional, gra-
phie and technico-material. A cultured mastering of the
proportions of the various form-creative components
of the book contributes to the process of aesthetization
in reading.
The famé of the Slovák book has been spread for
décades, particularly by the high artistic standard of
its illustrations, still abundantly represented also to-
day. Following the original work of the typographers

Ivan Kovačevič and Dušan Šulc, complex creative-
-typographic procedures are coming into use, especially
in recent years, with éléments of typography and gra-
phie design. Lubomír Krátký, Karol Rosmány, Robert
Brož, Pavol Blažo, Ján Meisner, Zoltán Salamon, Vla-
dislav Rostoka, Dubomír Longauer, Svetozár Mýdlo-,
Ján Krížik, Ladislav Vančo, Jozef Pernecký represent
today a living frontline of interesting points of view
.and endeavours. They constitute a guarantee of a dy-
namic movement in création which forms an important
chapter in the hierarchy of ideological and Visual acti-
vities at the present time.


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