The artists repository and drawing magazine: exhibiting the principles of the polite arts in their various branches — 3.1789

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and his lights from it, I should think him,
to say no worse, a very inconsiderate prac-
The infinite variety of cases connected with
the foregoing remarks, preclude the posiibility
of rules; but on the last article of consider-
at ion, which at this time I {hall submit to your
candor, somewhat like rules, or an advance
towards them, may be attained. It is, I say,
posilble to regulate the Distance of the
Perspective supposes that objebts may be
situated so close to a spedtator that he cannot
see them, and in fact, our daily practice to-
ward objedls of any 'considerable magnitude,
justifies the science j since we conslantly recede
from them, to a proper dilfance, as observed
on a former occasion.
An additional remark may confirm this idea.
I conceive it needs little proof, that the boun-
dary of the space of vision, or of the rays
received by the eye, is a circle; for since
the orifice of the pupil is circular, it cannot
well be otherwise. Now as we have already
shewn, that the two outlines or boundaries of
the visual rays from the two eyes, at a little
disiance from the person, have precifely the
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