The artists repository and drawing magazine: exhibiting the principles of the polite arts in their various branches — 3.1789

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Corinthian columns, are decisive, but by no
means Angular instances.
As in the study of muAc, notwithstanding an
instrument may be very accurately construdted,
and very nicely toned, to excel in playing on
it requires a good natural ear, improved by at-
tention and pradtice; so in the arts of delign, os
which perspective is a principal part, be the rules
ever so judicious, clear, demonstrable, and ex-
tensive, yet to execute any compoAtion happily
and gracefully, requires the guidance of an
eye accustomed to observation and remark, ex-
ercised in the effects of natural objedts, sen Able
of their most beautisul combinations, and dis-
posed and ready to imitate them : thus accom-
plished, it may justly hope, not only to apply with
facility the principles os science and taste, but,
** To snatch a grace beyond the rules of art.
I have thrown out these hints, Ladies and
Gentlemen, because I earnestly wish to divest
this ttudy of every incumbrance; I am no friend
to operose diagrams, and to inAnite radii of
lines ; they contribute to render that difficult and
complex which is Ample and clear. I rather
desire to Amplify and explain difficulties, in
which undertaking I have to request your can-
dor, and if success crowns my endeavours, I
Jiave to expedt your applause.
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