The artists repository and drawing magazine: exhibiting the principles of the polite arts in their various branches — 3.1789

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treat whatever those portions may contain: and thus
the use os perspedlive appears most evidently in those -
articles, whose just representation is naturally difficult,
and without this assistance impossible.
It will be extremely easy for the student to multiply
examples similar to those here offered him ; and in-
deed it is adviseable that he should vary and diversify
them at his pleasure ; whether by giving various direc-
tions to his original lines, or by drawing on the right
hand, what is here given to the left, or by any other
change which fancy may suggest.
It is also proper to remark, that the construdtion of
horizontal pidfures is precisely the same as that of verti-
cal pictures, which is easdy experimented by looking
up to the ceiling ; in which case, the center beam or
ray from the eye equally regulates every other line : the
same if a person from a high parapet looks down to
the ground ; the wall of the house which supports the
parapet answers to the situation of a horizontal plane,
and the ground is to him vertical. But as it is hardly
to be supposed that our readers should undertake such
subjedts, the present hint is thought sufficient without
Perspedlive has by some persons been applied, to re-
present as receding what really approaches, and to bring
forward what retires ; but at the same time that this is
allowed to be curious, it is equally considered as useless,
and merely is the effedt of irregular surfaces sorming
©ne pidlure.
It is amazing to see the errors committed by artists
(not otherwise without merit) in their representation of
supdry objedts, and even frequently s>f spaces and dis-
tances r
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