The artists repository and drawing magazine: exhibiting the principles of the polite arts in their various branches — 3.1789

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merous. The deluge, which changed consi-
derably the face of the earth, mod probably
changed its temperature; and perhaps, aid),
the deluge was the first continued rain which
fell, and not less adonissiing to its beholders*
than if it had been fire indead os water. How
then was the earth refrefned ? By copious
dews: Those parts at present watered by dews*
are not the lead fertile 3 and certainly they
might assord moislure sufficient to the earth in
full vigour, and the heat of the sun moderate,
To this hypothesis agrees the extreme length
of human life, and, in my opinion, the pheno-
menon os the rain-bow 3 for if no rain, no
clouds 3 if no clouds, no rain-bow, the offspring
of clouds : this pacific token originating after
the waters of the flood.
But in succeeding ages mankind had early
attained to architectural knowledge : sliall we
enquire what might be its progress ?—Any singlc
family is but weak, in one place as in another;
but the family of Noah had a very considera-
ble advantage in that terror and dread of them*
which fell on the ferocious part of the brute
creation. Those branches of his poderity
which separated from the original slock, had
to encounter with complicated difficulties.
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