The artists repository and drawing magazine: exhibiting the principles of the polite arts in their various branches — 3.1789

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and these are too numerous to permit him to
acquire a dextrous management in the treat-
ment of one, before his attention is required
to its successor. If this reasoning be just, as
applied to the necesiaries of life, it is surely
greatly strengthened when articles of secondary
moment are in question; insomuch, that after
every supposable allowance as to the conveni-
ences, the elegancies of lise mud be quitted: for
what inclination has the already wearied person,
to seek after any thing notessential to his com-
fort, when the acquisttion of indispensibles
has been sufficiently satiguing ?
Butbeside the additional securitv and strength
of numbers, population is one source of
wealth; and unquestionably also the parent of
emulation. A splendid dress, equipage, or
habitation, are useless in a desects but in a city
they are marks of distin£tion, are supposed
(how truly is not our question) to confer
dignity, and to separate between the ranks of
"When a profession is sufficiently honourable,
or lucrative, to engage the attention of several
praftitioners, then we hope for improvements
and advances: The desire of fame, or of for-
tune, will animate their endeavours to surpass
30 T each
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