The artists repository and drawing magazine: exhibiting the principles of the polite arts in their various branches — 3.1789

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with more numerous worsihippers, than their
rivals. These required an enlargement in the
dimensions of the edifice, and enlarged dimen-
sions required additional skill in the architedh
If the longer beams were not better lustained
than the shorter, they would bend, perhaps
break; if the roof was not better construdled,
it would alarm, and might destroy the votaries;
the beams, therefore, were propped with sup-
ports, and Geometry was called in to adjust
the roof. It is true, we have not any of these
wooden strudtures remaining to demonstrate
this hypothesis, yet we have in some {tone
buildings very probable proofs of such a pro-
The position os a column in the middle of
an entry, seems by no means so convenient as
to be supposed desirable; but it may support
and prop the incumbent weight: and, certainly,
a row os columns in the middle of an edifice,
from end to end, seems calculated for no supe-
rior purpose. In fadt, the inconvenience of
this position was soon discovered, and the co-
lumns removed to a proportionate disbance on.
each side the center; thereby acquiring uni-
formity at the same time they contributed
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