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On the Plata belonging to Lecture I.


No. I. IS a plan of a simple cabin, or primitive dwel-
J- ling : and may be conceived as representing
slso a primitive strudlure for worship, as supposed among
the Egyptians or Phoenicians.
No. II. Is a similar cabin, but surrounded with an
inclosure, and defended by a hedge, a wall, or some
other simple defence.
No. III. Is an edisice, whose ruins fill exist at
Sienna, in Egypt: by the simplicity of its strudlure, it
seems allied to the former.
The body of the building is preceded by a portico
much larger than itself, having only one row of co-
lumns. 1 his edifice has been thought to be an obser-
vatory ; but that does not prevent its having been a
temple also.
No. IV. A temple, whose ruins are at ElTnay in
Egypt- This porch had two rows of columns; and the
3r X temple
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