The artists repository and drawing magazine: exhibiting the principles of the polite arts in their various branches — 3.1789

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1 cm
t 18 3 ]

The Doric entablature is in height
The Ionic -
The Corinthian -
The Tuscan -
The Composite -

2 diameters
T —
1 4

The pedestal is comparatively a modern addition to
the orders, and is that on which the base of the column
rests : its general height is one-fourth the height of
the column and entablature taken together. It is some-
times made lower, but never higher.
The pedeltal is divided into the base (at bottom);
the die, or square part (in the middle) ; and the sur-
base, or cap, at the higher part.
The column is divided into the Base, the Shaft, the
The entablature is divided into the Architrave, the
Frieze, the Cornice.
In drawing the Doric order, eredt a line of the just
height required ; one-fisth is the height of the pedestal.
Divide the remainder into five parts ; four to the co-
lumn, one to the entablature. The column divided into
eight parts, one-eighth is the diameter. The base is
half a diameter, and the capital half a diameter. The
base of the column projects on each side one-third of a
semi-aiameter : Exactly of equal projedtion to the base
(constantly) is the die of the pedestal. The column
diminishes at the top one lixth of its diameter; begin-
ing at one third of its height, and gradually diminishing
as it ascends. The capital projects one fourth of the
smallest diameter (i. e. at top) os the column. The

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