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[ 2” ]
thank Heaven ! in this country every day to
be met with.
The Historical ftyle seeks in superb magni-
sicence for objedts congenial to its sentiments ;
the arched roof, the long-drawn aide, the pomp
of pillars and orders, or the monuments of
superstitious veneration ; the painted window,
the decorated frieze, the enriched cornice, the
elevated arch, and the supporting buttress.
But in composing architectural ruins, let great
care be paid that they be corredt; that the
parts remaining entire correspond to those
thrown down : let not the spedtator be (hocked
by Corinthian columns, or capitals, fallen from
Doric buildings; nor be buffered to inquire,
to what invisible fabric such, or such a frag-
ment belongs. This is a rock on which many
artisss have split; and not less satal is the
thoughtless inattention which places marble
columns on foundations os reeds, and repre-
sents a whole arch considing of many ssones,
supported on one side only, and that by a (ingle
Water contributes very much to the appa-
rent truth of a picture, by its splendour, and
especially by its ressections; they are in nature
a kind of pidture, and we know it; we consider
them as such: we therefore expedt them to be
2 so
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