The artists repository and drawing magazine: exhibiting the principles of the polite arts in their various branches — 3.1789

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[ 224 ]
pedition, but have traversed wherever inclined.,
have inspected prospedts not visible to all, but
presented only to the enlightened eye of sci-
ence, who, in the course os these Lech res,
have spurned confinement to earth, nor left the
celestial regions unvisited, who, in our survey
os this terrestrial ball, have expatiated on cir-
cumstances calculated to interest us, whether in
the verdant grove, or the sruitful field; whe-
ther in the extensive sorest, or the populous
metropolis; whether in the works of Nature,
or the contrivances of Art, let us now review
our path, retrace our course, and congratulate
ourseives, if we have enlarged our knowledge,
relaxed our minds, or increased our enjoy-
Firlt, as appeared our duty, we surveyed
ourseives; we investigated some of the princi-
ples of the human mind—genius, imagina-
tion, sensibility, judgment; we inquired how
beauty operates upon these—by proportion, by
variety, by fitness : qualities no where more
apparent than in the human frame—in its parts,
in its motions, in its propensities, in its pro-
gressive ages; however varied by character, or
suspended by expresfion. Then we attended
to our moil noble endowment light-—in its
properties, its extent, its sensations, its decep-
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