The artists repository and drawing magazine: exhibiting the principles of the polite arts in their various branches — 3.1789

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branches all blown one way, bent, and almost broken
by the storm.
On the same plate ; (ketch of a ruined cloister, exhi-
biting great variety and diversity of parts.
In the same Number, two buildings os the same
nature, interspersed with trees, which augment the
variety of their effects.
In No. XXI. A double plate, containing two studies
from nature ; tinted in those parts which ought to be
touched with Indian ink previous to colours being laid
on them. The outlines of the clouds, &c. lhould not
be hard, but light.
N. B. These two plates are examples for*Indian ink
by merely tinting the Iky.
The examples of nnished Landscapes intended for
this work being engraved something larger than the page
admits, without doubling them, (which wras thought
injurious) they are publishing in a Work intitled The
Caei net of Genius, among an agreeable variety of
other subjedts: but if any perlon wishes to have them
to insert in this work, they may be purchased separately
at fix-pence each print. They are ail studies taken
from Nature in England, and engraved from the original
drawings, by the best hands: the size of Mr. Watt’s
Views of Noblemen’s Seats.
*** They will frame to advantage, being printed on
the best superfine paper.
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