The artists repository and drawing magazine: exhibiting the principles of the polite arts in their various branches — 4.1790

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V A N I T V.

VAIN perfons are apt to be elated with what is really
little caufe for elation, and to fancy a certain fuperior-
ity, from circumftances not in themfelves calculated
to juftify it. If they poffefs beauty, that is their pride,
and they look with fcorn on the merely agreeable ; or
even if they do not poffefs beauty, they will be vain of
their drefs, and boaft of thofe ornaments whofe very
elegance is volatile and tranfitory. Such is the garland
with which vanity has crowned her head : fuch is the
gaudy-coloured fafh of which me is enamoured ; for-
getful that they are not really meritorious, and, if
mental elegance is abfent, only render deficiencies
more remarkable and difgufting.

THIS emblem might very properly have been en-
titled, THE REWARDS OF INDUSTRY, as fhe is fcat-

tcring riches and diffufing fertility. The plenty at-
tendant on induftry, is indicated by the cornucopia,
replete with luxuriant fruit; fne leans on the band
which contains the figns of the zodiac, to fhew that in-
duftry is moft likely to fucceed in its attempts, when
careful to felecr the beft time j to reap in winter is not
to be expecled ; and he is too late, who fows inharveft ■>
but when regulated by the oroper feafons, the labours of
induftry may expect rewaid. The flowers, as well as
the fruit, indicate that induftry has more than one ob-
ject: of attention. The adlive bees, who are returning
to their hives, loaded with fweets for future ftore, ex--
prefs the utility of induftry, and its fervice againft a
time of need. Such alfo is the intent of the hufbandman,
who with his patient and laborious ox is plowing now,
that in time a plenteous increafe may replenifh his
barn, and banifh the terrors of wintry defolation,
loading ...