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Artium Quaestiones — 2.1983

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Preface (K. Kalinowski) , ..- . . . 5
E. Iwanoyko, Emblems of Sobieski by Gotfried Peschwitz 11
B. D ąto - K a 1 i n o w s k a, Theology of an Icon in the Second Half of the
Seventeenth Century. Disputes and Polemics in Russia 35
Z. Pa łat, The Last Kaiser’s Forum. Form and Symbolics of town-planning
and architectural arrangement of Poznań „Ring”.57
M. Gołąb, „Sonata of the Sun” by M. K. CiurHonis.73
A. T u r o w s k i, The Museums of Artistic Culture .... 89
W. Suchocki, The Artistic Life of Poznań. Thesis About the Geography
of Art in the Twentyfold j .; 105
P. Pio t r o w s ;k i, Rhetoric of a Banknote ........ 131
W. Kemp, Walter Benjamin and Aby Warburg.145
REVIEWS .......... a ... • 173
CHRONICLE . a ... a a a . ... i 188
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