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Artium Quaestiones — 2.1983

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At present w>e intend to continue edition of two parallel publicationis under
th*, auep'icies oi the Art History Institute oi Poznan University. The first, Art
History Series in which reader's can find doctoral and posit doctoral dissertations
anld the materials from the conferences and seminans organized by our Institute,
the second, will be a publication „Artium Quaestiones”.
„Artium Quaestiones” will consist of four sections: li. dissertations, 2. transla-
tions, 3. reviews and discussions, 4. a chronicle of the Institute. In the first sec-
tion we intend to publish the original works on art history devoted to the prob-
lems of ideological significance and social functioning of a work of art in dif-
ferent historical periods and also there will be papers devoted to the studies of
visual culture on the ground of a work of airt seen as a mass medium.
The second section will include the translations of papers by foreign authors
which, in our opiniom, can be profitable and will also contribute to the develop-
ment of methodis of studies of art history in Poland.
In the third section entitled reviews and diiscuslsioMS, priority will be given
to the reviews of the comprehensive studies of problems significant to our discip-
line and to the discussions devoted to the methods of studies presented in publi-
cations contributing to art history.
The fourth section: the chronicle of the Institute will be exclusively informa-
nve in character. ;It will be devoted to the initiatives undertaken by the Institute
of Art History of Poznan University, and it will inform about the conferences
and seminars organized by the Institute and a,bout its scholarly production.
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