Papers of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens — 1.1882-1883

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went from Athens to Assos for that purpose in April, 1883.
Although the actual historic gain to be derived from these
inscriptions may not be great, still it is hoped that the
glimpse which they give of the life of a quiet Greek town
in Asia Minor, with its Senate and People passing decrees
as grand as those of Athens, and with its local magnates,
women as well as men, earning the public gratitude by
their gifts, will be welcome to all scholars. Grammarians
will rejoice that the Aeolic dialect has been enriched by
one important verbal form (see page 6). Moreover, this
publication of the first collection of Greek inscriptions ever
made by an American expedition in classic lands marks an
era in our national scholarship. The originals of many of
the inscriptions of Assos are now in the Museum of Fine
Arts in Boston. A list of these, with the numbers which
they bear in the catalogue of the Museum, will be found
on page 90. The second paper contains a collection of
inscriptions copied by Dr. Sterrett and Mr. W. M. Ramsay
at Trades in Asia Minor during the summer of 1883, and
first published by Dr. Sterrett in the Mittheilungcn of the
German Archaeological Institute at Athens. The present
paper, however, differs from the article in the Mittlieilungen
in many important respects, as is explained in various
editorial notes. A valuable note on the Trallian Olympiads,
which was kindly sent to the editors by Mr. Ramsay, is
inserted in this paper (pp. 102-104) > ar)d several changes
have been made in the text of the inscriptions and in the
commentary, during the absence of Dr. Sterrett in Asia, by
the advice of Mr. Ramsay, who was associated with Dr.
Sterrett in copying these inscriptions.

The three papers which follow were written by Messrs.
Wheeler, Bevier, and Fowler, in immediate connection with
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