Papers of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens — 1.1882-1883

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generations hereditary in the family of Medon, the son of the last
king, Codrus. Even in later times the Second Archon was still

Called /SacrtAei'5.

Kyzikos offers a parallel to this family of Assos, of which it may
not be out of place to mention the main points.* It seems that
Antonia, the eldest daughter of the triumvir Mark Antony by his
second wife, Antonia, was married to the rich Asiarch Pythodoros in
the year 34 B.C. Her daughter Pythodoris married Polemon, king of
Pontus, and became the mother of Antonia Tryphaena, the queen
of Kotys. Something similar happened in the ancient royal family of
Assos. A Lollia, perhaps connected with the Lollii of Sicily (see
Cicero, Verr. III. 25; B.C. 73) or with the A. Lollius of C.I.L.,
III. 388 (?), must have married the iru.Tpio<; fiacnXtvs of Assos (cf.
last inscription, of Lollia Arlegilla and Hellanikos), and the offspring
of this marriage was Quintus Lollius, the person mentioned in No.
XVIII. as the father of our Quintus Lollius Philetairos. The family
tree was presumably the following : —

Hellanikos — Lollia Arlegilla.

Quintus Lollius.

Q. Lollius Philetairos — Lollia Antiochis.

In Kyzikos, the Princess Antonia Tryphaena, before her marriage
with Kotys, is priestess both of Athena Polias and of Livia-Julia, who,
in imitation of Athena, is called 2e/3«.o-rr/ Ni/o7<£opos. In Kyzikos,
Livia-Julia is o-vvvaos with Athena Polias, and is in every respect the
peer of the Olympic Goddess.

At Assos, we find that Quintus Lollius Philetairos is priest both of
Zeus Homonoos and of Augustus. This circumstance leads to the
belief that the God Augustus was associated with Zeus at Assos in
exactly the same manner as the Goddess Livia-Julia with Athena

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