Papers of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens — 1.1882-1883

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f K\ '■..: v' | The upper left-Jiand corner of a

..............................»-"4f y

Q^^gm^lg,M^'g5f erected in honor of Quin-

i <y| #w Lollius [Q. F. Philetairos\;

/\0 Ay\I ONI KO'/ found in the western street

X PYXQlilTij <?/ Ttf^fo. Greatest height,

£ I RON! H PA 11? 0.285 »*.; greatest width below

MA Pi NO ! A V7 ^/&^ 0.18 w.

-'/M1- >'\ '4/Q- Lollius [Q- F- Philetaerus]
%fy£f%sSiW orjixos leTL/JLTjcrev Kolvtov]

I AoWlov Ko['ii>tov utw OtXeratpo^]

^pverw o~t\_e(j)dvco koX eiKoviyoXKrjQ) kol]
eiKovu yp<xir\jr\ kol elkovl fxap ~\


" Quintus Lollius, Quinti Alius, Philetaerus. The people have
honored Quintus Lollius Philetairos, the son of Quintus Lollius, with
a golden crown, and with portraits [of himself in bronze (?)], in
painting, and in marble ".....

A Quintus Lollius is mentioned in a Latin inscription of Alexandria
Troas (C.I.L., III. 388).

The slab has mouldings on both sides, showing that both sides
were to be exposed to view. On the rear side, the corner of a
slightly sunken panel is visible, which makes it probable that this side
contained the marble portrait (in bas-relief) mentioned in the in-
scription. The AOAAIONKO of line 3 makes the restoration of
lines 1, 2, and 3 certain.*

Objection may be made to the restoration of the last three lines
on account of the number of et/coves bestowed upon Lollius; but it
was by no means unusual to bestow even a greater variety of portraits
upon persons- who had been of service to a city. Thus the e^/Soi
and vioi of Teos honor Aischrion (C. I. G, 3085) are^dvw XPV(TV
kol a.Kovi ypaTrrfj kol eiKo'vi ypaTrrfj TeAeia kol eiKoVi yaXKjj koI dyaA.yaa.Ti
p.appLOLpLvu) kol eLKOVL xpverrj.

* For an elaborate discussion of eluwv ypa-wT-r] in all its bearings, see C. I. G., 3068.
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