Papers of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens — 1.1882-1883

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The gravestones of Assos are peculiar. I have seen nothing like
them elsewhere in Asia Minor, if I except a single stone at Tralleis (see
Tralleis Inscriptions, below, No. XIX.). They are about one foot
high, and about two feet square in plan. The inscription on the side
consists generally of the name of the deceased, with the name of his
father in the genitive ; but the name of the father is sometimes
omitted. On one stone (No. LIX.) there are as many as four names.

In Asia Minor gravestones differ widely in character, a kind which
occurs constantly in one locality being entirely absent in another.
In Phrygia the panelled door is the rule, except in the upper
Maeander valley, where the horned altar occurs. In other localities
the stele slab with pediment is found.

The Epitaphs which follow are mostly dialectic. A-stems have
the genitive in -a ; o-stems have the genitive in -w ; and the genitive
of the sigma-stems is in -?/. This genitive in -rj is not susceptible of
explanation; and, in fact, it has been doubted by Gustav Meyer* on
the ground that Le Bas' inscription is too fragmentary to justify the
assumption of such a genitive from it alone. This would be quite
true if it rested solely on Le Bas' inscription. But Conze found
and published several new examples of this genitive in his Reise auf
der Inscl Lesbos. Of these ©eo/cA.77 (plate XIV. 3), 'E^e^ar^ (page
14), Zojt/ (plate XVI. 1), are certain; but ®eoyevr] (plate VI. 3)
might be disputed. Meister, in his Griechische Dialekte, does not

* Griechische Grammatik, p. 288, note I : Dass die Formen TLo\v8evicr] Eva-
■yevr] 'Ep/noyevr), die auf einer in Delos gefundenen lesbischen Inschrift (Le Bas,
Inscriptions Grecques et Latines, fasc. 5, No. 191) stehen, genitive sind, wie
Ahrens, 2; 510, und nach ihm, Wald, Addita?netita ad dialectum ct Lesbiorum et
Thessalomm cognoscendam, 24, annehmen, ist nicht zu erweisen, da der Text
ganz luckenhaft ist.
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