Papers of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens — 1.1882-1883

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No. 6. —'Iepea><; | 'OXfyU.7r/a? | i\lkt]<;.
C. I. A. 245 : V. 70. Date : Hadrian's reign.

The seat of the Priest of the Olympian Victory.

As Vischer says, it is very likely that this priest was connected with
the cult of the Olympian Zeus in Athens. It is known that Hadrian
introduced a new system of Olympiads ; and it is quite probable that,
as there was an altar to Nike at Olympia (Paus., V. 14, 6), there
may have been one at Athens in connection with the worship of
Olympian Zeus. See C.I. G. 342; C. I. A., III. 1, 127; Pauly,
R. E., s. v. Victoria.

No. 7. — AaSov^ov.

C. I. A. 246 : V. 69. Date : Not before Hadrian's reign.

The seat of the Torch-bearer (in the Eleusinian Mysteries). See
Sch., Gr. Alt., II. p. 383. Cf. M., Heor., pp. 233 f., p. 63, note.
This seat and the next are not in situ.

No. 8.—Tepeco? | WttoWcovos TLvOlov.

C. I. A. 247 : V. 68. Date : Cf. No. 4.

The seat of the Pythian Apollo. This cult needs no comment.
The UvOtov at Athens stood near the Uissus. Paus., I. 19, 1 ; Time,
II. 15. Cf. No. 34.


A double chair, with seats 9 and 10; not in situ.

No. 9. — —Tparr/yov.

The seat of the Strategus.

C. I. A. 248 : V. 71. Date : Not before Hadrian.

Vischer says that this inscription is decidedly older than those of
the Archons.* The C. I. A. does not speak decidedly on this point.

* See V., p. 45: Dass nur fur einen Strategen ein Sitz da ist, darf uns nicht
zu der Yermuthung verleiten, es seien andere verloren gegangen. Derm obgleich
in der Zeit der Freiheit und Grosse Athens es zehn an Rand einander gleiche
Strategen gegeben hatte, war doch unter der romischen Ilerrschaft allmalig einer
von ihnen crrpaTriybs eVl -ret oirXa, zum wichtigsten Beamten in Athen emporgestie-
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